We accept payments through:

Bank trasfer

Bank name: UBI Banca
Bank address: Piazza Santa Croce 15 - 00019 Tivoli (RM) Italy
Destination name: TOMEI LUCA
Destination account (IBAN): IT60B 03111 39450 00000 0011758
BIC code: BPAMIT31

Please keep in mind: bank transfers normally take 2 to 3 working days to transfer the amount
to our account.



A well-known, trusted, and secure way to make payments over the Internet. Making a payment to us through PayPal is easy. You can use your existing PayPal account or pay by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Find out more information by going to the PayPal web site at http://www.paypal.com. You are encouraged to read the related PayPal policies carefully.

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  •  28.05.2020 

    GrŘ▀ Gott, Bestellung und Lieferung hat super funktioniert, jedoch erhalte ich keine Rechnung obwohl ich sie schon ein paar mal angefordert habe. Mit freundlichen GrŘ▀en Kohl Ewald

  •  26.03.2019 

    My order was lost by UPS. Tomei solved this very quick, made contact with UPS and answered all my emails within a day. After a week a got a new package from Tomei! Very good service!!

  •  06.02.2019 

    very fast and good product

  •  28.11.2017 

    Tutto perfetto!

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